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#128, The practical handbook of color for artists -

Written by Maria Canal, published by Barrons in 2012, this book contains 240 pages.

SUMMARY: We know what you get when you mix red with yellow, or blue with yellow. But what do you get when you mix yellow and blue? or yellow with green? what happens if you add a little white to it? This is a book that was originally published in Spain. It discusses the color wheel and a number of concepts, such as toning, color triads, harmony of colors, warm color group, cold color group, neighboring colors, pigment, etc. It is a rather good introductory book for beginning artists.

REVIEW: This book opened my eyes to the world of color - color wheel, color harmony, mixing, and mixing techniques. It is colorful and very practical. White is really an elementary color. The black and white world consists of white, gray, and black. The tone is made by mixing black and white. Black is really all the colors mixed together. If one mixes complementary colors, one gets brown, not gray. If one mix white to colors, you tint it lighter. If one mix color with black, gray, brown, or black, you shade it, making it darker (like at night). One can tint a color by diluting (water color), mixing with white, mixing with analogous color. Tinting and shading is collectively known as toning. Blue is used for representing distance.

Initial review by: Chang Liu

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Table of contents:

1. Diagrams and scales The color wheel, shades of color, grisaille, two analogous colors, opposites and complementary colors. 2. Harmony and chromatic ranges The importance of color ranges, the warm color range, the cool color range. 3. Introducing the colors: the starting point 4. Mixing colors on the palette 5. Mixing colors on the painting 6. Colors in composition 7. Interpreting real colors 8. Color communicates 9. A foray into abstraction Color fields, dripping, gestural abstraction 10. Experiments and comparison

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