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#129, The Customer Rules - The 39 essential rules for delivering sensational service

Written by Lee Cockerell, published by Crown Business in 2013, this book contains 189 pages.

SUMMARY: The author of this book is a formal executive at Disney, a company that has a strong focus on customer service. This book discusses important rules for providing good customer service.

REVIEW: The 39 rules are practical. Although I could guess at a number of them, it is still a good book for holding all the essential rules together.

Initial review by: Chang Liu

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Table of contents:

Rule 1: Customer service is not a department Rule 2: You win customers one at a time and lose them a thousand at a time Rule 3: Great service follows the laws of gravity - it started at the top executive Rule 4: Do not get bored with the basics Rule 5: Ask yourself, what would Mom do? Rule 6: Be an ecologist Rule 7: Look sharp Rule 8: Always act like a professional Rule 9: Hire the best cast Rule 10: Be your own shakesphere Rule 11: Become an expert at creating experts Rule 12: Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Rule 13: Expect more to get more Rule 14: Treat customers the way you would treat your loved ones Rule 15: Be like a bee Rule 16: Know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth Rule 17: Listen up Rule 18: Be a copy cat Rule 19: Fish where the fisherman ain t - hunt for white space and carefully attend to needs Rule 20: Be a word smith - language matters Rule 21: Make yourself available Rule 22: Always be the giving one Rule 23: If they say they want horses, give them a motorcar Rule 24: Do not just make promises - make guarantees Rule 25: Treat every customer like a regular Rule 26: Serve to win Rule 27: Make ASAP your standard deadline Rule 28: Know the difference between need and wants - keep a customer really happy by satisfying what they want Rule 29: Have a geek on your team Rule 30: Be reliable Rule 31: Do not give the responsibility without the authority Rule 32: Be relentless about details Rule 33: never, never argue with a customer Rule 34: Never say no - except no problem Rule 35: Be flexible Rule 36: Apologize like you really mean it Rule 37: Surprise them with something extra Rule 38: Keep doing it better Rule 39: Do not try too hard

This book is highly recommended:

This book is highly recommended:

One excerpt: #10: Be your own shakesphere, means to have a script for customer experience and make sure everyone on the team knows. #18, be a copycat, soak up good ideas from other companies.

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