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#130, Inside the box - A proven system of creativity for breakthrough results

Written by Drew Boyd, published by Simon Schuster in 2013, this book contains 257 pages.

SUMMARY: The traditional view says that creativity is unstructured and does not follow rules or patterns.That you need to think outside the box to be creative and original. That you should start with a problem and then brain storm ideas without restraint until you find a solution. This book shows that more innovation, and better and quicker innovation, happens when you work inside the box using a set of templates that channel creative process in a way that makes us more, not less creative.

REVIEW: This book preaches that thinking inside the box and under constraints can make a person effective and more innovative, not the other way around. It discusses a number of common strategies and templates for innovative thinking. Although the book does not really hit the mark in terms of choice of cases, in my opinion, it does do a good job of preaching a very important point.

Initial review by: Chang Liu

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Table of contents:

1. Creativity hides inside the box 2. When less becomes more: the subtraction technique 3. Divide and conquer: the division technique 4. Be fruitful and multiply: the multiplication technique 5. New trick for old dogs: the task unification technique 6. Clever correlation: the attribute dependence technique 7. Contradiction: a path to creativity 8. Final thoughts

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