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#131, The Three Rules - How exceptional companies think

Written by Michael Raynor, published by Portfolio Penguin in 2013, this book contains 376 pages.

SUMMARY: Both authors work for Deloitte services and consulting. They have written a good case studies book that underline three guiding principles of successful companies: Better before cheaper (they rarely compete on price), Revenue before cost (they drive profits through price and volume, not thrift), there are other rules, and they change anything to remain true to the first two rules.

REVIEW: This book comes with a lot of stories and cases, though none were written too extensively. It is a good mind-set formulation book. This book classified companies into three categories: miracle worker, long runner, and average Joe. It seems a good book with a lot of data - may came directly from the authors line of work at consulting services. It is over on the analytical side and a bit dry.

Initial review by: Chang Liu

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Table of contents:

1. More than fortune cookie 2. Finding signal in the noise 3. Better before cheaper 4. Revenue before cost 5. There are other rules 6. Why you should use the three rules

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