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Book parade is a tool to discover, annotate, share and archive non-fiction books. After you read a book, you can build a review, much like contributing to wikipedia. Share your reading experience with your friends and community of like-minded readers.
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The fracturing of the American corporate elite [135][2013]
Mark S. Mizruchi | TOC Buy

The ONE Thing [134][2012]
Gary Keller | TOC Buy

Kiss your but goodbye [133][2013]
Joe Azelby | TOC Buy

The Brain Book [132][2012]
Ken Ashwell | TOC Buy

The Three Rules [131][2013]
Michael Raynor | TOC Buy

Inside the box [130][2013]
Drew Boyd | TOC Buy

The Customer Rules [129][2013]
Lee Cockerell | TOC Buy

The practical handbook of color for artists [128][2012]
Maria Canal | TOC Buy